1. What is our minimum spend to become a Falabella stockist?

The minimum spend to become a Falabella stockist is £750/€937.50

2. Where should the location of the sales cabinet be?

The position of the Falabella Cabinet is of the upmost importance in order to maximise sales, we suggest that the Cabinet should be placed near the till. Also the Cabinet requires a power outlet to take advantage of the lights and the rotating carousel found on the Cabinet.

3. How should I care for my Falabella Jewellery?

Careful handling of your Falabella product will be rewarded with many years of enjoyment. Finger marks and the dulling caused by day-to-day wear can be removed by lightly polishing with a microfibre cloth. Please note: Excessive rubbing may damage the protective coatings applied to some metals.

Other simple guidelines include:

· Do not spray perfume or other solvents on to jewellery.
· Always store your jewellery carefully after wearing.
· Do not use silver dips.
· Sandblasted finishes can be cleaned with a soft eraser.
· Do not wear whilst swimming.

4. Where can I purchase the Falabella range and look at the items?

Please phone our helpline for your nearest stockists on +44 (0)113 2379515.

5. What is falabella's returns policy?

All Falabella products are covered by full guarantee, you can have complete confidence when buying any of the Falabella jewelry range. If a product is faulty it should be returned to the store where purchased with your reciept, we will investigate and offer a replacement product if it's considered genuine by our Customer Services department.

6. Can the general public purchase directly from Falabella's own website?

We do not sell direct to the public, Falabella products can only be purchased from our authorised stockists and their associated websites.

7. Can Falabella stockists order from our website?

Yes. Enter your stockist username and password for more information.

8. Are Falabella Products Hallmarked?

Yes, Falabella products are hallmarked where required, any article of silver with a weight of more than 7.8g legally has to be hallmarked in the United Kingdom. All Falabella products meet this requirement, the products within our range which are hallmarked are as follows:

BR01, BR02, BR04, BR05, BR06, BR07, BR08, BR09, BR10, BR11, BR12, BR13, BR14, BR16, BR17, BR20, SP01, PD06, PD16 and PD17

9. What metal is the Falabella Jewellery made from?

Every piece is individually designed by Falabella in 925 sterling silver with a brilliant no tarnish rhodium finish.

All items carry a 925. stamp and the falabella logo.


The United Kingdom has been a signatory to the International Convention on Hallmarks since 1972. This means that UK Assay Offices can strike the Convention Hallmark which will then be recognised by all member countries in the International Convention. Conversely, Convention Hallmarks from other member countries are legally recognised in the UK. Articles bearing the Convention Hallmarks do not have to be re-hallmarked in the UK.

Falabella products carries the Convention Hallmark.